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Love For Languages.

From 'La Lingua Latina' to 'The English Of The Bard', I have always loved spending time perfecting my language skills, especially in a creative way.

Being a former national newsreader, I can speak Dutch without a trace of an accent. My writing skills in Dutch are excellent.


English is absolutely 'my cup of tea'. I can quite rightly call myself an Anglophile. As an English teacher by training (and a frequent UK visitor) my English is 'spot on'.


My French skills are rather good, too. Of course, you can’t grow up in and around Brussels without being reasonably ‘bilingue’.


Learning & Refining.

I have an aptitude for learning different kinds of software and hardware quickly and efficiently.

Currently, I have a strong knowledge of word processing, email and presentation software. In addition, I have an excellent knowledge of social media and website tools. Of course, this ICT knowledge covers both Microsoft and Apple products. 

My 'digital repertoire' includes:

-Mailchimp, Storychief, SEO, SEA and all kinds of CRM-systems.

-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Canva and all kinds of Wordpress-websites.

-Dalet, Dario, Syndication, Zenon, Audition, Audacity and Vegas.

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