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Orchestra Audience


from sketch to excellence.

The road to success is always under construction. However, there's no need to get stuck in traffic.

Let my experience, knowledge and skill set guide you to your destination.

My experience gives me an edge. 

I keep an eye on the bigger picture, utilising an array of insights and skills in:

-Radio, television and publicity;

-Old media, new media and social media;

-Journalism, communications and marketing.


I’m as multifunctional as a Swiss Army knife.

I’m punctual and precise like a Swiss clock.

Together, we can climb any mountain.

Or we can just move that mountain.


I thrive under pressure.

I mentor, supervise and coach.

I look for possibilities, in everyone and everything.


Together, let’s: cherish what is excellent; improve what is average; revolutionise what is subpar.

Jasper Gasia.jpg
Jaser Gasia Wereldkerstcircus.jpg


successes & key achievements.

My personal little hall of fame. These are several projects I'm extremely proud of!

Please click on the image to view the video or read more.


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